How we work to help you work better:

Our approach is built upon solid but uncomplicated foundations.

We personalise an offering which aims to progress teams and organisations from the status quo to developing a curious, connected and collaborative culture which enables people to thrive. This entails:

Realising a curious, connected and collaborative culture requires us to reconsider how we think, feel and interact with each other. While change seeks to improve upon the past, transformation is a dynamic process that positively affects culture to realise a more productive and engaged way of working.

To support with facilitating this process, our approach is underpinned by Theory- U methodology which equips leaders and teams to:

  • Step outside of their daily routines to experience the team, opportunity or challenge through the lens of different stakeholders;
  • Use observation and mindfulness to sense into new possibilities and untapped potential;
  • Suspend judgement while exploring novel ideas;
  • Embrace calculated risks and let go of beliefs limiting growth; and
  • Design an imperfect working model that enables the future to be explored by doing and to ‘fail early to learn quickly’.

Our workshops, virtual and e-learning programs creatively challenge mindsets, inspire possibilities and embed new ways of working to realise a positive change for individuals and the broader organisation.

This is achieved by tailoring all learning experiences to your needs using an approach which is:

  • Evidence-based: informed by research, evolving best-practice and over 15 years consulting experience regarding what previous clients have found to be most useful and beneficial.
  • Pragmatic: focusing on tools and strategies which can be easily implemented in the workplace and encompass both internal considerations (mindset/feelings/behaviours) and external drivers (relationships/responsibilities/challenges).
  • Inspires accountability: encourages the application of insights, new skills and knowledge back in the workplace through practical exercises (during and following the workshops) and building individual and team accountability to support with sustaining a positive change in attitudes and behaviours.

The success or failure of any program starts and ends with involving the people who may be affected by its implementation or related decisions. Circumventing the engagement process can cost time, money, reputation and result with a great concept and the best of intentions receiving no traction.

Our employee and stakeholder engagement experience is underpinned by formal qualifications and membership with IAP2, the peak body in Australia for community and stakeholder engagement.  This ensures we have access to best-practice tools, resources and proven engagement methods.

Engaging with different employee groups and/or stakeholders:

  • Ensures you understand the full range of needs and views of your target audience as a part of the design process;
  • Enables the approach to be tailored to fit the desired outcomes;
  • Highlights unforeseen issues and expectations which can be addressed prior to implementation; and
  • Builds credibility and trust.

Engagement is more than just communication which provides a sense of ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’, it is an ongoing process throughout the lifecycle with the aim to set your program up for success.

I have over 12 years experience coaching executives and senior leaders and hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coach Federation.

I am passionate about partnering with individuals and teams to reconnect with their purpose and drivers for making a conscious impact, strengthening confidence in their capability and building resilience to support with positively responding to opportunities and challenges.

My coaching methodology draws upon applied neuroscience and positive psychology with a focus on internal considerations mindset / feelings / reactions) and external drivers (relationships / responsibilities / challenges). This includes being a Certified Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach and HeartMath Building Personal Resilience Coach.

A commitment to progressing committed actions forms a key part of working with leaders to ensure the transition from ideal to realised goals while adopting a balanced approach to avoid burnout and support wellbeing.

We offer a range of leadership, team and organisation assessment tools to attain data-driven insights which offer a valuable point of reference to tailor professional development, improve performance and transform organisational culture.

The accompanying survey and assessment reports highlight:

  • the recognised strengths of an individual, team or organisation;
  • potential blind spots where there is a gap between a leaders/teams perception of current performance and feedback captured from stakeholders; and
  • areas for development which are prioritised based on the perceived gap between existing and desired performance.

This ensures the time and resources invested in initiatives is responsive to actual feedback (rather than perceived needs and preferences) to deliver maximum results for teams and the broader organisation.