Harness the habits to
BE & FEEL your best.

Our wellbeing is inextricably linked to our sense of life satisfaction, the quality of our relationships and our capacity to fulfill our potential.

The need to prioritise wellbeing as a core way in which we work and live is relevant now more than ever as leaders report experiencing increasing levels of anxiety, disengagement, and burnout with the flow-on effect adversely impacting families and life outside of work (Gallup, 2022). Cultivating a greater sense of wellbeing requires:

  • Embracing that the time invested in wellbeing will actually enhance performance and equip you to better respond to challenges rather than taking valuable time away from other priorities.
  • Understanding that embedding wellbeing habits when you are still coping is always optimal rather than waiting for when you are approaching burnt-out.
  • Recognising that achieving a sustainable shift in wellbeing requires an intentional approach to circumvent years of ingrained unhelpful habits.

My programs are science based, highly practical with a focus on embedding helpful habits to benefit your professional and personal life. This is underpinned by certifications in the Positive Intelligence Building Mental Fitness Program, HeartMath, iRest and studies in Positive Psychology and applied neuroscience.

Wellbeing Booster

The Wellbeing Booster is designed to develop and integrate helpful habits into your day-to-day experience so you can strengthen mental and emotional agility and improve the foundations for good physical health.

Prioritising wellbeing is a core requirement for leaders and teams to perform at their best and to feel their best, at work and at home.

For many leaders and workplaces the concept of investing in self-care doesn’t become a core focus until their metaphorical cup is ‘empty’…

The 4 x 60-minute virtual sessions focus on a core domain of wellbeing each week with the opportunity to apply insights and actions in-between sessions before being introduced to a new practice.

Key considerations explored include the critical role of mindset and optimism, how to cultivate positive feelings and make in the moment adjustments, habits for a healthy lifestyle and approaches for monitoring and conserving our energy.

The inclusion of the renowned Work on Wellbeing Assessment supports with detailing how an individual and/or team score in four aspects of wellbeing including their global wellbeing, life satisfaction, workplace wellbeing and component wellbeing.

Positive Intelligence
Building Mental Fitness

There is a perception that achieving better results and/or adapting to constant change must mean working harder.

The Building Mental Fitness Program supports you to work smarter by enhancing your wellbeing and performance using principles underpinned by neuroscience, positive psychology and performance science.

The 7 week Program is informed by research outlined in the New York Times best seller ‘Positive Intelligence’ and is accessed via an innovative app. Key benefits include:

  • Experience daily focus sessions and ‘PQ rep’ exercises which release endorphins to counter the stress-response;
  • Harness your ability to bring out the best in yourself and others by applying 5 evidence-based responses that can be used to leverage any opportunity and/or challenge.
  • Strengthen your confidence by combating self-doubt.
  • Learn approaches for how to better relate to colleagues, including strategies for improving collaboration and navigating conflict.
  • Includes 12 months access to the program recordings and PQ rep exercise.

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Reflect, Refocus
& Renew

A 90-minute experience to check in, explore foundational wellbeing practices and develop an action plan for integrating 3 wellbeing habits into your day-to-day experience.

Key outcomes include:

  • Increase awareness of the building blocks for integrated wellbeing.
  • Learn how to monitor your inner battery and how to recognise signs of stress / burnout (in ourselves and others).
  • Explore simple wellbeing practices which can immediately change how we feel and effectively respond to challenges.
  • Tips for how to build a wellbeing culture in the workplace.
  • Understand the 3-step process for embedding wellbeing practices into your busy day-to-day routines.

Work on Wellbeing

A multi-dimensional evidence-based assessment which provides valuable insights regarding the extent to which individuals and teams are thriving and areas that would benefit from additional focus and development

The basic assessment explores four aspects of wellbeing including your global wellbeing, life satisfaction, workplace wellbeing and component wellbeing.

The added option of a comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis of an individuals / teams wellbeing. This includes validated scales relating to health and lifestyle and how your wellbeing is influenced from external factors like family and finances.

The option is available to track a participants wellbeing over time and to introduce practices designed to increase engagement, productivity, innovation and cultivate a culture of wellbeing.