Diversity matters.

Building a diverse workforce which reflects the community it serves confers many business benefits but even more so, it is simply the right thing to do.

Our programs support organisations with building and retaining a diverse workforce and candidate pipe-line. Underpinned by over 10 years experience facilitating Career Development and Women in Leadership programs, a large focus is placed on experiential learning, identifying opportunities for increasing the visibility of participants and broadening their professional networks to assist with positioning for future opportunities.

Each learning experience is tailored to meet the needs and diversity goals of an organisation, and is considered in parallel with approaches for building an inclusive workplace culture:

Mentoring Programs

A structured mentoring program provides a valuable opportunity for reflection, active enquiry and learning and is often cited as being a critical component of professional development, with benefits equally applicable for mentors and mentees.

The comprehensive approach includes program guidelines, mentor / mentee matching methodology, program commencement and reflection workshops along with workbooks which provide a structured approach to defining goals and progressing outcomes for the mentee, mentor and broader organisation.

Outcomes frequently cited for mentees include:

  • a confidential environment to ask questions and test assumptions;
  • the opportunity to expand professional networks and increase their profile; and
  • an enhanced understanding of workplace culture and dynamics.

From the mentors perspective, outcomes often referenced include:

  • an increased understanding of the challenges, experiences and opportunities for aspiring leaders and people looking to pursue career opportunities in a specific business area / sector; and
  • the satisfaction gained from supporting the professional development of others.

Job Shadowing Programs

Job shadowing involves an individual working alongside another job role on a periodic basis, within or external to their organisation. The program can be used as a platform for individuals to expand their insights and understanding to support with performing their existing job role or increasing awareness and capability of another business area as a of their career development.

The comprehensive program includes program guidelines, the option for program commencement and reflection workshops along with workbooks which provide a structured approach to defining goals, capturing insights and key learnings.

For the organisation, a job shadowing program can support with:

  • Providing experience and insights into job roles where there is the need / opportunity to increase diversity
  • improving understanding and communication between business areas
  • sharing best practice

Benefits for participants include:

  • Gaining insights into the working environment and pre-requisite skills and knowledge for successfully performing another role
  • ‘testing-out’ possible career options and consolidating a career plan
  • Expanding professional networks

Leadership &
Group Coaching

Coaching provides the opportunity for participants to strengthen confidence in their capability, explore options for pursuing the best next step in their career and to build resilience to support with positively responding to challenges and set-backs.

Katheryn is an accredited coach and holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coach Federation. With over 10 years experience coaching senior leaders and executives, her coaching methodology draws upon applied neuroscience and positive psychology with a focus on internal considerations (mindset/feelings/behaviours) and external drivers (relationships/responsibilities/challenges).

Group coaching extends the coaching conversation to a small group environment. The facilitated process provides a space for participants to share experiences, explore challenges and opportunities with a focus on goal setting and group accountability for taking action.

Group Coaching suits individuals who are looking to refine specific skills and knowledge as a part of leadership and/or career development. The topics explored are nominated by participants to ensure the program is responsive to their interests and development priorities, such as Women in Leadership, Graduate Programs or career development for specific job roles (i.e engineering, accounting etc).

Championing Diversity
for HR Professionals

HR professionals play a fundamental role in increasing and sustaining workforce diversity due to their influence in the recruitment of new talent, promotions, performance management and general advice offered to leaders.

The interactive experience is tailored to a HR group and explores key stages in the recruitment and employee life cycle where bias can inadvertently impact outcomes, irrespective of best efforts to increase workforce diversity. This includes:

  • Exploring the case for bias in the workplace and how to mitigate the common biases which diminish engagement and performance.
  • HR’s role in building trust / psychological safety and why this is essential for leveraging workforce diversity.
  • Discussing concepts such as ‘good fit’, ‘merit’ and ‘essential experience’ and how related perceptions could be supporting and/or impeding a diverse candidate pipeline.
  • Anticipating and planning for scenarios where it is important and beneficial to embrace a curious mindset to support with building a diverse and inclusive workplace.